Friday, April 3, 2009

watching over you

what matter could bring your memory throught the time back to the past? smell of thing? taste a food? or… hear a song?

allright, i just want to talk ‘bout the song. the song which reminds me for my past time. the song from my chilhood going to teen. i always hear this song, before sleep. (hehehe… suck sentimental feeling i have). in the very early morning (about 1 o’clock am). one of radio station in jakarta always broadcast this song before ended its broadcasting. if u, people, have a bloom youth years in jakarta, about 1985-1990, might know what station radio i mean. ok, you damn right, eskawan! the station radio is suara kejayaan.

this song was a trademark for that radio’s station. honestly, for years i ‘ve never knew the true title of this song. once ever i asked by phone to the radio. operator said that the title of this song is “goodnight”, and the singer emerson lake palmer. ye yeah… wrong info sucessfully perverted me for years, from finding the song in store cassette shelf. as u know, at that time. internet was far from present in world. internet still formed as fetus in the pouch of its mother, aparnet. the era search and find in search engine was not born yet.

i never blame that operator for give me missinformation. this song is quiet old, and not familiar for common people. in indonesia elp was not popular band. ‘not like beatles or beegees. lake and sinfield mastered this song in 1977. and put it in the work volume 2, the band sixth album. coincidentally at the sixth track too.

dunno. why i longing for this song. the feeling bring my finger to type few words in google bar. the result… yeah, i got it. i got torrent that keeps this song in its server. some crazy like me has slipped it between tons of files. it’s bundled in its original album, work vol 2. i just download one song. that song. watching over you. you know what i feel at that time? feels like meet the one that we miss so much. couldn’t be describe in words.

suara kejayaan. or sk. was still on 846 am *) at that time. u might wonder why i could remember its broadcast’s station frequency. i don’t googling. even google don’t know, i think. its purely from my mind. who can forget “eske-eitforsix!” “eske-eitforsix!” the radio anouncer or ad always mention that repeadly like hitler yell “kill the jews. kill the jews” hehehe just kidding. sk, dunno, where fate has blew its destiny, i never heard that station’s radio again…

click here to play this song

download : watching over you - emerson lake plamer

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Anonymous said...

never heard this song before, but willing to download :D . Anyway, pictures remind me more to past time instead of songs

Anonymous said...

Mendengar musik, mengingatkan ke masa lalu. kita selalu ingat lagu2 yang hit ketika masih remaja, membuat tertawa. Karena pada saat itu sedang jatuh cinta. Hahahaha...

Blogger Senayan said...

salam kenal
wah blognya yahuud bangetz
bisa tukar link?
kalo bisa kabari aku ya

Blogger senayan said...

udah saya link juga di page/tukar link/

OK tx

ammadis said...

Slowly song, sis...???

Sentimental night dream ....

bocahcilik™ said...

pak...bisa minta buatin template?